Onboarding The Lead Lion
in Top Broker CRM

These directions are for TopBroker Admins/Managers ONLY.
If your Top Broker Admin/Manager does not have The Lead Lion onboarded as a vendor please have them go through the step by step process below.
After the below process is complete your Admin/Manager will be able to provide you with your own authcode.

Example authcode: UYVV94T2VU
(The authcode can include numbers and/or letters. You get this from your CRM Admin)

Example webhook to use with your campaigns


Top Broker Authcode 
To deliver to your TopBrokerCRM, we will need your webhook.

We provide all of TopBrokerCRM’s required fields (see below “TopBrokerCRM Instructions”) except for Address and City, for which we provide “NA” for “Not Available”.

Please let us know if there is other lead data that you would like, and we can work the TopBrokerCRM technical support team to supply this data to you. 


After Onboarding is complete…

If authcode and information changes, you need to contact our support to continue receiving leads in your Top Broker CRM

If there are any questions please fill out our support form.