Onboarding The Lead Lion
in VanillaSoft

These directions are for VanillaSoft Admins ONLY. If your VanillaSoft Admin/Manager does not have The Lead Lion onboarded as a vendor please have them go through the step by step process below. After the below process is complete your Admin/Manager will be able to provide you with your own VanillaSoft webhook.

Example: https://new.vanillasoft.net/web/post.aspx?id=12345


Step by Step


1 Go to the project you wish to push The Lead Lion leads to

2 Click “Integration”

3 Click “Add Incoming Web Leads”

4 Click “Active” checkbox

5 Ensure “Route New Contacts as a First Priority” checkbox is checked-off.

6 Fill out middle column (Web Form Field) of the Mapping as shown in picture EXACTLY.

7 Enter in “The Lead Lion” into the (Default Value) column and the Lead Source row box

 8 Fill out the left column (VanillaSoft Field)(NOT SHOWN) of the Mapping with the name of
the field in your VanillaSoft that best matches the Web Form Field in that row of the Mapping

 9 Save

 10 Have the purchasing agent or manager supply us with the Webhook in the onboarding form HERE

11 After this onboarding process is complete you will not need to fill out the onobarding form again, unless your webhook and infomation changes.
You will receive an agent portal login via email and your own link will be included in your portal.


If there are any questions please fill out this support form here.